How to keep Spokane mice out of my garden

If you have noticed a sign that shows presence of Spokane mice in your garden, you need to do something fast to avoid the damages they cause. They are fruits, rains and seed eaters and can completely damage the things you have in your garden. Allowing mouse to remain in your garden for long can cause heartbreaking damages you do not expect. That made it really important for you to do something fast to suspend and stop the activities of mice in your garden.

Eliminate all their possible food sources
Searching around your garden for the food sources attracting Washington mice into your garden and eliminate them. The bird feeders can attract mice into your garden and removing them can discourage mice from visiting your garden. Also, remove other possible food sources for mice in your garden and the problem will be solved.

Get rid of their shelter to keep Spokane mice away
Mice in your garden will likely build their shelter there as they often like to live within their foraging area. They love setting up their shelter within the area where there food sources are. Removing their shelter from your garden and make them know that their presence is not needed in your garden. That can also make them feel threatened and ultimately move away.

Keep your lawn grubs under control to keep mice away
The lawn grubs are known to attract rodents of different types including Washington mice and others. So, living your lawn grubs without control can increase the risk of having more mice infestation. That is why you should always be ready to do something about your grubs when you notice presence of mice in your garden. Keep the grub under control and the mice will be forced to look for another place.

Seal up the holes and improve sanitation close to the garden
Spokane mice are known to often make holes for entry into the garden. To keep them out of your garden you should find out their holes and seal them up. That is going to keep more mice from coming into your garden. After sealing up the holes you can trap the remaining mice inside your garden to solve the problem completely.

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